I'm constantly looking for ways to bring a fresh approach to my work while articulating a distinct voice for every project. Over the course of my career, I've had the opportunity to work alongside many gifted and talented people. Their influence and guidance has not only helped me build a diverse portfolio of work but has strengthened my resolve to drive projects forward and ensure that every piece makes it across the finish line. From bold, innovative lifestyle campaigns to corporate branding strategies – my job is to help cut through the clutter and convince clients of what is possible.



2001 - 2004

One of the things I treasure most about my experience at Art Center was the opportunity to explore artistic expression as a form of communication. The program offered a experiential approach to problem-solving while helping me expand and further my own design sensibilities. By having these tools brought into the classroom, it facilitated new ways to see, think and communicate effectively. Art Center's endless dedication to supporting students both in the classroom and beyond provides alums like myself, the power to inspire, lead and create change. Core curriculums included everything from campus-wide collaborations, sponsored projects to immersive studio-based workshops. 


2004 - 2007

Working on the Ford Motors account in Detroit was invaluable for so many reasons. Above all, it gave me an opportunity to spread my wings professionally and produce work that transcended traditional boundaries for the agency and brand. Part of this objective included developing conversational style messaging along with high-level concepts and strategies that could reach a more youthful lifestyle and culture. Since "experience" remains a crucial channel for consumers, our team was tasked with creating a series of 360 / multi-media sweepstakes campaigns to support the Mustang, Explorer and Certified Pre-Owned divisions. 


2007 - 2008

During my tenure at McCann World Group, I developed a string of integrated concepts for the “Pure Michigan” campaign. The goal was to create a spirited, rallying call for vacationers to come and experience the beautiful, historic landmarks of Michigan. With campaign voiceover work from actor Tim Allen, the ads helped make the most visited state tourism website in the nation. Responsibilities also included ongoing support for GM Corporate, positioning the company as a global leader in technology, sustainability and innovation.

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2008 - 2010

My first exposure to working on healthcare brands started at Lehman Millet, a division of MM&M. Our creative approach incorporated numerous digital and print strategies that underscored unique product features for such clients as, Allergan, Zeiss Vision and Obaji skincare. For the Zeiss brand, our team developed a 16-page healthcare brochure that introduced optometrists to a progressive new eyeglass technology. The challenge was to distill down scientific language and facts into friendly, more straightforward messaging that positioned ZEISS as a premier choice in precision optics. 


2010 - 2012

I had always wanted to work on a celebrated brand like, McDonald's and finally got the chance while at IW Group agency. The goal was to create culturally relevant marketing and advertising that could reach across 13 different segments of the Asian American population. The McDonald's brand voice called for a sharp, witty language while conveying a confident tone and image. Provided additional support on the 2010 Census account. Wrote and produced a 5 minute case study that highlighted agency's role and creative partnerships for the campaign.


2013 - 2016

Working on the DAE account in San Francisco was a great thrill. It presented a unique opportunity for me to help bring a new voice and vision to the AARP account and their services which improve the lives of those 50-plus. Our goal was to allow AARP members to share specific life stories. No sales pitch. No membership drives. Just real members talking about their own stories of “the best is yet to come.” For our Wells Fargo client, I produced a series of online banners underscoring importance of building relationships with different Asian American multicultural segments. Team proposed celebrating Diwali, “the festival of lights,” to connect Asian Indians with their meaningful holiday.  


2017 - present

Being back on automotive at SooHoo makes me feel my life has gone full circle. Though my role here is mostly freelance, I do enjoy crafting ideas and strategies to support the accessory marketing division of Honda Motors. Specifically, this consists of producing numerous marketing materials that introduce the latest accessories to the dealer sales force for each new model year. Each piece is an informational tool designed to aid the dealers in selling accessories for a new car purchase. The materials are aligned with the overall positioning developed by Honda's lead ad agency.